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UN Special Rapporteur: Israel’s order to evacuate northern Gaza is a war crime

A UN special rapporteur calls the evacuation of northern Gaza by the Zionist authorities a war crime and a flagrant violation of international norms.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, a UN special rapporteur called the order of the Zionist authorities to the residents of Gaza to evacuate the northern areas and their migration to the south an example of an international crime.

Balakrishnan Rajagopal, the UN special rapporteur on housing affairs, noted that the order of the Zionist regime to evacuate more than one million people from the north of the Gaza Strip to the southern regions without providing adequate housing and shelter and humanitarian aid is a blatant violation of fundamental international norms. and humanitarian rights.

He further emphasized that these Israeli actions are an international crime.

This UN expert stated: It is a war crime to carry out attacks knowing that these actions systematically destroy and damage infrastructure and residential houses and make the city uninhabitable for its residents.

Rajagopal noted. that the systematic or widespread bombing of residential buildings and civilian places is strictly prohibited according to international law. A civilian population is also considered a crime against humanity”.

The Zionist regime has asked the residents of Gaza to go to the southern areas in order to absolve themselves of their responsibility for the heavy and brutal bombing of the northern areas of Gaza. to go However, the Zionist regime has not spared the refugees moved to the south from its attacks and has repeatedly bombed UN shelters and medical centers in southern Gaza.

Palestinian media on Wednesday morning. They reported that the fighters of the Provisional Zionist regime are carrying out blind and intense attacks on different areas of the Gaza Strip. North of Gaza City they report.

Accordingly, a group of occupying soldiers who were infiltrating the “Al-Shati” camp were caught in an ambush by the Palestinian forces.

It is also said that the location of the Zionists in the southwestern axis of Gaza City was targeted with mortars.

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