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The Prime Minister of Portugal resigned

Following an extensive investigation by the Portuguese police regarding financial corruption related to lithium mining projects, the prime minister of this European country resigned from his position.

According to Fars News Agency International Group, the Prime Minister of Portugal, “Antonio Costa”, resigned from his position as the Prime Minister of Portugal just after the security forces arrested the head of his office in connection with the investigation of financial corruption. .

According to the report of the “Rashatudi” network, Portuguese police officers are investigating corruption related to lithium extraction and other national projects.

According to this report, Costa, along with some of his relatives, have been subjected to extensive investigations by the Portuguese security forces.

According to Rashatudi’s report, Costa announced his resignation during a televised speech. Just hours after the meeting with Marcelo Rebelo de Souz, the President of Portugal announced and denied committing any wrongdoing and stated that any suspicion is not compatible with his office.

According to this According to the report, Costa has said that he will continue to serve as Portugal’s interim prime minister until a successor is chosen, but that he does not intend to serve a fourth term in this position.

Early yesterday, the Portuguese National Police announced that they have executed a series of arrest warrants related to the investigation regarding the accusation of corruption and abuse of influence of senior Portuguese officials. They arrested another and accused Joao Galamba, the Minister of Infrastructure, and Nuno Lacasta, the head of the Portuguese Environment Agency, of corruption.

Corruption crimes related to lithium mining projects in Barroso and Montalger in the north of Portugal and two important infrastructure projects in the port city of Sains, a head office and data center. The suspects apparently illegally facilitated the production and development of these projects and misused the name of the Prime Minister of Portugal to advance their decisions.

Previously, protests against lithium projects by environmental organizations and It was held by local residents in the areas where the mines were located.

Critics say that the quality of the deposits is so low that it cannot justify the environmental damage that their extraction causes. .

Now the President of Portugal must decide whether to request early parliamentary elections or to grant permission to Costa’s Socialist Party with 120 of the 230 parliamentary seats to elect a new prime minister. .

The president of Portugal has called the representatives of political parties to hold consultations today (Wednesday) about the fate of the new prime minister of this European country.

Costa was elected Prime Minister for the first time in 2015 and Portugal saw great economic growth during his tenure. He is considered a strong candidate to be elected as the next president of the European Commission, which ends in November 2024.

However, Costa’s last term was marred by numerous scandals. And more than a dozen of his employees resigned for various reasons in the last two years.

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