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ISIS terrorist attack on the Syrian army from the areas controlled by the United States

Some media, including Al-Mayadin, reported the attack of ISIS elements on the positions of the Syrian army in the center of the country, which according to some sources of the opposition, this attack left at least 20 dead and wounded.

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, the remaining elements of the ISIS terrorist group this Wednesday morning from the areas Under the occupation of the American army in eastern Syria (Al-Tanf), the centers of the Syrian army and its allied forces have been attacked in Al-Sukhna region located in Tadmar province (central Syria). 20 people have been killed or injured. Sources close to the opposition of the Syrian government claimed that between 20 and 40 Syrian forces were killed; A claim that has not yet been confirmed by the Syrian government. Al-Tanf region is located near the border triangle of Iraq, Syria and Jordan, and the American occupation army has been occupying this region for many years and trying to establish a base in this area. region has done Despite the cleansing of eastern Syria with the support of the Americans, this area is still infected with terrorists and the remaining elements of ISIS, with the support and guidance of the Americans, have repeatedly launched deadly attacks on the Syrian army from this area, resulting in dozens of deaths.

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Attack on the American base in Ain al-Asad and al-Tanf in Iraq and Syria

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Attack on the American base in Ain al-Asad and al-Tanf in Iraq and Syria

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