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The process of erosion and slow progress of Israel in the Gaza Strip according to maps

“Mansour Barati”, a researcher in the field of the Zionist regime, in an analytical video, has analyzed the progress of Israeli forces on the ground in the Gaza Strip.

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, to Despite the start of the Israeli army’s ground attack on Gaza on October 28 (November 6) and the efforts of the military of this regime to complete the blockade of Gaza from three axes, the north, east and south, the news of the halt and slowing down of the progress in some axes with fierce resistance Palestinian fighters have a story. It seems that the Al-Aqsa storm war is moving towards attrition.




The Israelis in the three axes of Beit Hanun (in the northeast), Beit Lahia ( in the northwest) and al-Zaytoun (in the east of the Gaza Strip) have started their ground attack and started to advance. It seems that after that, the Israeli forces will try to completely occupy Beit Hanoun in the northeast, and in the northwest axis, they are moving from al-Karamah neighborhood to the economic zone of Remal.

In the eastern axis, the Israelis have crossed Salahuddin Street at low speed and reached the Gaza coast. Probably, the Israelis will continue to try to advance from Al-Karamah beach to the eastern coast.

Barati also said: Israelis announced three days ago that Gaza would be captured within 48 hours. will be surrounded on three sides, but the slow progress of their progress shows that this is very difficult for them.

Along with the slow progress of the Israelis on the ground, the amount Their casualties have also increased. It also seems that the number of weapons that Israel has lost in this battle is also increasing. The Al-Aqsa storm war will be more similar to the 33-day war of 2006.

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At the same time, it seems that if Israel successfully captures northern Gaza and wants to keep it under its occupation, it will soon come under intense international pressure.

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