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The thirty-fourth day of “Aqsa Storm” | Martyrdom of 30 Palestinians in the bombing of the Jabalia camp / destruction of 16 tanks and armored vehicles of the Zionist regime

– International news – Tasnim News Agency, on the 34th day of the Gaza war, the Zionist regime’s attacks on residential areas and vital infrastructures in Gaza continue and in a new round In this crime, 30 people were martyred in the bombardment of two houses by the Zionists in the Jabalia camp in the north of the Gaza Strip.

In the field of ground battle, the resistance fighters were able to stop the Zionist regime’s war machine, which only on Tuesday (November 16) the Palestinian resistance was able to destroy 16 enemy armored vehicles and war tools.

Dear users, follow the most important developments of the 34th day of the Gaza war after the “Al-Aqsa Storm” operation in this news:

Heavy explosion in the northwest of Gaza City

Palestinian local sources reported the occurrence of several series of heavy explosions and fires in the northwest of Gaza City and in the vicinity of Al-Shati refugee camp.

A drone attack on the American base “Al-Harir” in northern Iraq

News sources announced a new drone attack on the American air base “Al-Harir” in northern Iraq.

The downing of an American drone by the Yemeni army

Yemen’s air defense targeted an American drone “MQ9” while carrying out hostile missions and within the framework of military support to the Shahvinist regime. Southern Syria

The official Syrian media announced the air attack of the Zionist regime on some military positions in southern Syria.

In this regard, a Syrian military source announced at around 50: Tonight, the Zionist regime targeted some military points in the southern region of Syria from the borders of Baalbek, Lebanon. This source added: This attack only resulted in material losses. 

30 martyrs in the bombing of residential houses in Jabalia

Al Jazeera news network reported that in the bombing of two Bab Menz in the Jabalia camp in the north of the Gaza Strip, 30 Palestinians were martyred.



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