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Kazakhstan’s agreement with China to export uranium

Kazakh state company “Kazatomprom” signed an agreement with “China National Uranium Corporation” to export natural uranium.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, while the recent visit of the French president to Kazakhstan for consultations on uranium made news, the news indicates an agreement between Kazakhstan and China to export uranium.

news agency Sputnik reported on Thursday (today), Kazakh state-owned company Kazatomprom announced that it signed an agreement with China National Uranium Corporation to export uranium.

Kazatomprom Known as the world’s largest producer of natural uranium, the deal “will help meet China’s growing need for clean energy,” according to a statement. The announcement of this Kazakh state company, the agreement with this Chinese company strengthens the “long-term historical relations between the two countries in the nuclear industry”. The international exhibition was signed in Shanghai, but more details of this contract have not been published.

The agreement between Kazakhstan and China regarding the export of natural uranium was made in the context of the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron. It had made news to Kazakhstan for uranium.

The American magazine “Time” wrote about the objectives of French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the two countries of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in Central Asia: “In search of finding friends And Uranium in Russia’s Backyard”

TIME added: “After suddenly finding itself unwelcome in its traditional sphere of influence, France is looking further afield. That’s why President Emmanuel Macron will travel to energy-rich Central Asia this week to visit Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, two uranium suppliers; The two countries that supply French nuclear power plants with (uranium)”.

After Macron’s visit to Kazakhstan, “Babar Islamov”, the Minister of Mining Industry and Geology of Uzbekistan, announced: “The French company “Urano” invests the equivalent of 500 million dollars for the mining and processing of uranium in the “Navai” province of Uzbekistan. Geological explorations are currently being carried out and the initial technical and economic documents of this project will be prepared by the end of this year.

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