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Lebanese security official: Israel has been defeated before the end of the war/ Hezbollah consciously responds to the enemy’s aggression

A Lebanese security official pointed out that the Zionist regime was defeated before the end of the Gaza war and its army was destroyed from within, emphasizing that Hezbollah’s response to Israel’s aggression in southern Lebanon is completely natural and that this party is acting consciously.

– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Major General ” Abbas Ibrahim, Lebanon’s senior security official and the former director general of the country’s public security department, in a speech about the developments related to the Gaza war and the occupation regime’s aggressions in southern Lebanon and Hezbollah’s responses to these aggressions, announced that the Zionist prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the power to reject orders. America doesn’t have it, and all countries are waiting for a ceasefire in Gaza, and this ceasefire should finally be established. It was published from Gaza, he said, we cannot remain silent when we see the amount of Israeli crimes in Gaza and the blood that is being shed in this area. A lawyer contacted me and asked me to intervene for the release of prisoners from Gaza, but I will never allow myself to mediate for Israel. I intervened with the sole aim of reducing the suffering and pain of the Palestinian nation and contacted Hamas officials to talk about the release of dual-nationality prisoners, and they had conditions.

Netanyahu seeks to prolong the war to save himself

He added, I did this only for humanitarian reasons and to help the people of Gaza. I gave and went to Qatar and the Qataris also agreed to this. Unfortunately, international support for the Zionist regime is unprecedented. After the end of the war, Netanyahu should go to prison for being guilty of the failure of October 7 (Operation Storm Al-Aqsa). Now he is seeking to prolong the war by abusing international support as a card to save himself and wants to buy time to drag the whole world into the war.

This security official Lebanon stated that Israel is failing more and more every day and as an occupying party has no ideals and its army has been destroyed from within. Israel can never achieve its goals and has set goals that are impossible to achieve. Here it is necessary to remember the war of July 2006; Where the Zionists intended to destroy Hezbollah, but the result was the opposite.

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Hamas’ decision for the Al-Aqsa storm operation was absolutely right

Abbas Ibrahim about the goals Hamas said since the beginning of Al-Aqsa storm operation, in my opinion, Hamas’ goal from the first day was to rescue all Palestinian prisoners from the prisons of the occupation regime. Prisoners who saw their families through the glass every 3 months. So Hamas started this battle and what it did was absolutely right. Here we ask where is the strength of the Israeli army in front of the military structure of Hamas? Despite the continuous barbaric bombardments of the Zionist regime against Gaza, Hamas is still at the peak of power and Netanyahu’s situation is becoming more critical every day. “He who laughs last laughs the most.” (We have to wait for the outcome of the war, which will be accompanied by the victory of the resistance).

Israel has been defeated before the end of the war

He emphasized that while the war is not over, we are witnessing the defeat of Israel. This regime wanted to return its fake reputation with this war, but it did not achieve its goal; Especially when the American fleet entered the Mediterranean Sea, but the Palestinian people remained in their land. As Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary General of Hezbollah, said that Hamas alone started the Al-Aqsa storm operation and we believe in his statements. The enemy responds

This Lebanese official said about the situation in southern Lebanon, the army is stationed at the border and the rules of conflict in the south are fixed. The targeting of a Lebanese family by the Israeli enemy in southern Lebanon was a provocative act to bring Hezbollah into a massive war with Israel so that the West would also enter this war. The war between Hezbollah and the Zionist regime continued and this regime is responsible for the escalation of tensions. Meanwhile, Hezbollah acts consciously. Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah determines the policies of Hezbollah and this party is present as the legitimate resistance of Lebanon in the south. If Israel invades Lebanon, it is natural that Hezbollah will respond and we expect nothing else from Hezbollah. We ask all Lebanese to resist the enemy in the south.

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