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Operation of the first high power electron accelerator system “CELV-8”

Today, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization unveiled and operated the first high power electron accelerator system “CELV-8” during his visit to Qazvin province.

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According to the foreign policy group Tasnim news agency, today Thursday, November 18, 1402, with the presence of Mohammad Eslami and senior officials of the nuclear industry, the electron accelerator system of the “CELV-8” type was unveiled and operated with the aim of improving the quality, increasing the efficiency and longevity and creating a field for the export of various products at the Qazvin Industrial Radiation Center.

Qazvin Industrial Irradiation Center has been built on a land of 12 hectares and irradiation of polymer materials and products, sterilization of disposable medical products, disinfection and destruction of pests Food storage, conducting polymer tests to check the properties and quality control of materials and determining the microbial load of food before and after irradiation are among the most important services and activities of this collection.

In this period, the management of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and due to the presence of large wire and cable factories in the country decided to build an industrial radiation center in Qazvin province in order to take fundamental steps in improving the quality of the industry by using electronic accelerators. The country’s polymer should be removed.

High power electron accelerator device “CELV-8” with energy of 2.5 mega electron volts and nominal current of 40 mA with the aim of improving quality, increasing efficiency and Long life and creating the basis for the export of polymer products as the first industrial radiation system in the 13th government was unveiled and operated in the radiation center of Qazvin.

محمد اسلامی , سازمان انرژی اتمی ایران ,

It should be said that the use of radiation technology creates a transverse link in the insulation of wire and cable and as a result improves thermal characteristics such as increasing the melting temperature in order to transmit more power, improving chemical characteristics such as increasing insulation resistance in harsh and corrosive industrial conditions and improving mechanical characteristics. such as increasing resistance, fatigue strength and wear.

It should be mentioned that the first high-power electron accelerator device “CELV-8” with the efforts of the specialists of the company for the development of the application of rays in the center Qazvin radiation was designed and built.

Islami: Heavy water is one of the links in the development chain. science and technology are advanced Atomic/ Westerners have made nuclear technology political and leverage

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