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General Secretary of Al-Nujba Iraq: There is no political solution with the American occupiers/the resistance will never stop

The Secretary General of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Al-Nujaba, emphasized on continuing to confront the American invaders in Iraq and announced that there is no political solution to the enemy and the only way to achieve peace in our country is to eradicate Washington’s occupation.

– International News

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Sheikh ” Akram Al-Kaabi, the Secretary General of the Islamic Resistance Movement of Al-Nujaba, in his remarks about the process of fighting the resistance against the enemy, announced that there is no political solution to the American occupation in Iraq, and the only remedy is the complete eradication of the occupation so that our country can enjoy the blessings of peace. .

Sheikh Akram Al-Kaabi added that any attempt to reach a political solution with the arrogant devils is a futile attempt, and the threats of the American invaders are also absurd and have no results.


He emphasized that the Iraqi Islamic resistance will not stop, nor will it yield to compromise, nor will it retreat. Anyone who thinks political solutions with the American occupiers can work is delusional. The only way is the complete eradication of the American occupation in Iraq so that our country can reach peace and get rid of conspiracies and conflicts.

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Secretary The entire Al-Nujba movement said to those who are thinking of political solutions with the enemy, open your eyes well to see the American-Zionist crimes in Gaza and the killing of children and the siege and starvation of civilians and gross violations of humanity.

while the attacks of the Islamic resistance of Iraq on the bases of the American occupation in Iraq and Syria are still continuing, Sheikh Akram al-Kaabi emphasized a few days ago that the Islamic resistance of Iraq has decided to liberate Iraq militarily from the invaders American made and this is a definite decision and the next developments are bigger.

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