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Where did the humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza reach?

Negotiations to establish a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza with the mediation of Qatar and Egypt are still ongoing, and the Emir of Qatar is scheduled to visit Egypt tomorrow in this regard.

According to the Fars News Agency International Group, while the media are reporting Qatar’s mediation efforts to release a number of prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance groups in the Gaza Strip in front of a humanitarian ceasefire, “William Burns”, the head of the Intelligence Organization Today (Thursday, November 9), following his regional trip after Egypt, the Central American (CIA) traveled to Qatar to meet with the country’s authorities regarding the establishment of a temporary humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip for the release of a number of dual-citizen prisoners. Hamas should consult.

Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed published details of Doha’s mediation for the release of a number of prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance and wrote, quoting informed sources: “The main reason that prevented the finalization of the ceasefire agreement and the release of the held prisoners There is resistance, there is no agreement on the number of days of the ceasefire.

According to this report, in these negotiations, it was first proposed that all the women and children captured by the Palestinian resistance, who were captured on the first day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, i.e. October 7th of last year, to be exchanged with Palestinian women and children captured by the Zionist regime and released, but this proposal was opposed by Tel Aviv.

In this regard, a well-informed source close to the Hamas movement announced yesterday about indirect negotiations with the occupiers with the mediation of Qatar and the possibility of a three-day ceasefire in exchange for the release of 12 prisoners, half of whom They are Americans, he informed.

In an interview with the AFP, he stated: The negotiations in this regard have not progressed yet, and while the operation in the north of the Gaza Strip continues, Qatar is waiting for Israel’s response to this proposal.

The head of the CIA visited occupied Palestine last Sunday (November 5) and after meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo, today he is consulting with Qatari officials in Doha.

In an interview with the Reuters news agency, an informed source stated that the Bronze negotiations revolve around the release of 10 to 15 prisoners held by Hamas in exchange for a one- or two-day ceasefire in Gaza.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday night (last night, November 8) that indirect talks mediated by Qatar were close to reaching a conclusion for the release of 50 captives held by Hamas, but due to the development of ground operations in Gaza Strip on October 27, Qatar’s efforts were unsuccessful.

On the other hand, it seems that efforts to reach a ceasefire, albeit temporary, in the Gaza Strip, mediated by Qatar, are still ongoing. “Al-Qaira Al-Akhbariya” network, quoting informed Egyptian sources, announced today the visit of Qatar Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani to Egypt on Friday (November 10) in order to discuss the current crisis in Gaza.

This visit of the Emir of Qatar takes place in the framework of coordination with Egypt and all parties responsible for the current crisis in the Gaza Strip.

The American newspaper “Wall Street Journal” also today, quoting high-ranking Egyptian officials who asked to remain anonymous, wrote about the CIA chief’s recent visit to Cairo that al-Sisi and “Abbas Kamel” The Egyptian Intelligence Service consulted with Burns in Cairo regarding the American plan to establish a security administration in the Gaza Strip until the Palestinian Authority takes responsibility for it after the defeat of the Hamas movement by the interim regime’s army, and the Egyptian president also emphasized in this meeting that his government It will never play a role in the destruction of Hamas because Cairo needs Hamas to maintain security on its borders with the Gaza Strip.”

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