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Diplomats’ confidential warning to Biden about the increase in hatred of America in the Arab world

Citing the secret correspondence of diplomats with the White House, the website of CNN news wrote that Washington’s continuous support for Israel’s deadly and destructive military operations in Gaza will lead to the anger of the Arab world.

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, CNN says American diplomats in Arab countries warned the White House They have given that Washington’s continuous support for Israel’s deadly and destructive military operations in Gaza will provoke the anger of the Arab world.

American diplomats have warned the Biden government in a letter seen by CNN that America is “losing a generation of people from Arab countries” with this support for Israel.

In this correspondence, it is stated that in the Arab world, “strong American support for Israel’s actions is seen as material and moral complicity in what they consider war crimes.”

CNN He says that this message was written by the second high-ranking American official at the embassy in Muscat and sent to the National Security Council of the White House, the FBI and the CIA.

In another correspondence related to the American Embassy in Cairo, an analysis in an Egyptian state media is mentioned, which writes that “President Biden’s brutality and his disregard for the Palestinians is beyond previous American presidents.”


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