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The Zionist army claimed to have attacked targets in Syria

The Zionist army claimed today that it has targeted targets in Syria in response to the drone attack on the city of Eilat. Net Plus announced the disruption and complete interruption of the Internet in Yemen.

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According to the international group Tasnim news, the Israeli army claimed this Friday that in response to The drone attack on the city of Eilat has targeted targets in Syria.

The army of the Zionist regime held the Syrian regime responsible for the drone attack. Meanwhile, the Yemeni army has taken responsibility for the drone attack on the port city of Eilat in occupied Palestine.

The spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces said on Thursday evening: “The Zionist enemy’s various sensitive targets, including military targets, in the south We attacked the occupied lands in Eilat with ballistic missiles.

He stated: With God’s grace and help, the missiles directly hit the intended targets in Eilat and the Zionist enemy is hiding.

Disruption and complete disconnection of the Internet in Yemen

The NetBlocks website reported today about the disruption and complete disconnection of the Internet in Yemen said that it is likely to be related to Yemen’s attacks on occupied Palestine.

The NetBlocks website reported that an internet outage occurred in the areas under the control of the National Salvation Government of Yemen and Ansarullah, and this incident disabled the telecommunications operator.

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Some unofficial sources report the possibility of a cyber attack by the Israeli regime on the communication and internet infrastructure of the National Salvation Government of Yemen (Sanaa). It cannot be confirmed or denied.

The Yemeni army carried out retaliatory drone and missile attacks on the occupied territories last night (Thursday night) and for the first time, according to the Zionist media, at least one drone (with an accurate hit) The occupied port city of Eilat was hit and the Israeli regime army also claimed to have intercepted a ballistic missile.

Although the reason for Yemen’s internet shutdown has not been announced yet, some users in the cyberspace attributed it to the efforts of America and Israel is linked to punish Yemen for supporting Gaza and Palestine. US drone confirmed by Yemeni army/Pentagon We continue military operations against the Zionists

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