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Erdogan: Netanyahu’s situation today is better than tomorrow

The President of Turkey said about the condition of the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime: Netanyahu’s condition today is better than tomorrow. Currently, 60-70% of Israelis are against Netanyahu.

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned from the meeting Saran Eko in Uzbekistan, referring to the war in Gaza and the crimes of the Zionist regime, said: “If Israel continues this cruelty and brutality, then there is something that all world leaders should think about.” We stated our approach boldly from the beginning and we continue it.

He added: Israel did not start its crimes from today, but has a past that goes back to 1947. America and the West have played a role in today’s developments since the beginning. The Secretary General of the United Nations has taken a position that is right and Guterres stands by the truth. The important point is that how many countries are standing next to America and Israel now? In voting for a ceasefire in Gaza, only 14 countries stood by the US, but 120 countries stood against it and 40 countries abstained. It had a message for America that you can be as big as you want, but you don’t deserve it. Israel is not right. Here are the oppressed who are right.

The president of Turkey, referring to the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Riyadh, said: I will continue my telephone diplomacy after that. We are not looking to create a temporary aid corridor. Rather, we are looking for pressure on Israel to transport the wounded. We are ready to accept the chronically ill and injured people of Gaza, and we have taken steps to prepare for that. If they give the wounded and chronic patients, it will be a positive signal. Erdogan went on to say that the ceasefire is our priority and we are following all the steps that need to be taken for this issue. 20-30 trillion goes to Gaza, which should reach at least 500 trillion. We told Anthony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, that Blinken had a positive view on this issue. If these 500 trills are realized, the situation will be a little better because they will contain food, medicine and the basic needs of the people of Gaza. An ambulance should also be sent to this area. Regarding America and Western countries, I feel that they are looking for changes in their policy. Referring to Blinken’s trip to the occupied territories where he said he was here as a Jew, he stated: This was Blinken’s biggest mistake at the very beginning. This stance has an answer. The answer was given in Turkey, where protests against American policies were formed in different parts of the world, and the same thing happened in different parts of the world. Is. Currently, 60-70% of Israelis are against Netanyahu. The problem of Hamas is not taking civilians as hostages, but on the contrary, the main issue is the release of Palestinian prisoners to Israel. If we enter into negotiations, our first step is to quickly pursue the release of Palestinians from Israel, and then we will pursue the release of Israeli prisoners.

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