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The unprecedented escape of Zionists from the Galilee region near the border of Lebanon

Zionist media reported that residents of cities and towns near the Lebanese border have migrated to the southern regions in an unprecedented manner.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, today (Friday) the media of the Zionist regime announced the mass flight of residents of the “Jalil al-Ala” region near the border of Lebanon to the southern regions.

According to al-Mayadin, the Zionist media say that all the cities and towns of the “Al Jalil al-Ala” region have been emptied, up to the headquarters of the Israeli army, and so far this volume of immigration has never been recorded.

Since the beginning of the attacks of the Lebanese resistance against the positions of the Zionist regime, the occupiers have attempted to empty dozens of kibbutzim and settlements in the vicinity of the Lebanese border. However, the evacuation of all the cities of the Al-Jalil al-Ala region has never happened either since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa storm battle or since the beginning of the existence of the Zionist regime. They have been evacuated to the Lebanese border. Also, the work of evacuating about 23,000 people from the city of Kiryat Shmona, three kilometers from the Lebanese border, has begun. The authorities of the occupying regime also announced that they will evacuate the residents of 14 other towns on the border of Lebanon, whose population is estimated to be around a thousand people. The attacks of the Lebanese Hezbollah against the military positions of the occupiers are repeated forty times a day. In the latest case, the Hezbollah movement announced in a statement yesterday that the fighters of this movement targeted a group of mechanized infantry forces of the Zionist regime.

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