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Director of al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza Strip: The Zionist regime is at war with medical centers

The director of al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza said that the Zionist regime is targeting medical centers in the Gaza Strip and that this regime is at war with medical centers.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the director of al-Shifa hospital located in the Gaza strip in an interview with the network Khabari told “Al Jazeera” that the Israeli regime has targeted the “Al-Shifa” hospital complex for the fourth time since this morning.

He added: “The Israeli regime is now at war with hospitals and medical centers in the Gaza Strip.”

He further stated that if the hospitals in Gaza fail, thousands of patients will die. And there are no wounded from the hospitals.

The “Al-Mayadeen” news network also reported that the Zionist regime has carried out 4 airstrikes on Al-Shafa hospital clinics in Gaza this morning.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Health Gaza also announced that the occupation of the Zionist regime seeks to shut down all hospitals in Gaza. The Ministry of Health of Palestine announced the increase in the number of martyrs of the continuous aggression of the Zionist regime to the Gaza Strip to 10,812 people. Most of them are children and women. The ministry added that 195 rescuers and medical personnel have been martyred so far. a href=”″>Medical centers are the main target of Zionist night attacks in Gaza

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