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The most intense fighting and bombing since the beginning of the ground attack on Gaza

The head of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza said that Israel is planning to shut down the entire health system in Gaza.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the vicinity of Shafa Hospital in Gaza City is currently the scene of heavy bombardment by the Israeli regime.

Palestinian sources said that, at the same time, a heavy conflict is going on between the Palestinian resistance forces and the Israeli military.

According to news sources, Israel has not yet completed the siege ring against Gaza City (north of the Gaza Strip) and only has fire control up to the coast.

According to some sources, the Islamic resistance in Palestine managed to kill 14 Israeli soldiers tonight and their bodies were seen next to the damaged tanks until a few hours ago.


Palestinian sources reported a few hours ago that intense armed clashes have started in the vicinity of “Al-Shifa” hospital in Gaza, and the Zionist forces are heavily bombarding the area with phosphorous bombs and flares.


The Zionist regime attacked several hospitals in Gaza last evening and killed several people.

Observers say that the aim of the Zionist regime’s attack on the hospital is to convey this message to the residents of Gaza that nowhere in this strip is safe.

The head of al-Shafa Hospital in Gaza said early Saturday that Israel plans to shut down the entire health system in Gaza.

A spokesperson of the Gaza Ministry of Health also said that Israel has focused on bombing the area around al-Shafa Medical Complex and other hospitals.

Al Jazeera news network also reported on Saturday morning that the drones of the Zionist regime are bombing houses around Al-Shafa Hospital.

International media report that ambulances are unable to leave al-Shafa hospital because Israel is shooting at everything and every person that moves around this hospital.



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