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Dar al-Afta of Libya called for a boycott of supporters of the Zionist regime

Dar al-Afta of Libya called for a boycott of the products of companies and governments that support the Zionist regime.

– International News

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency

, in spite of massive public demonstrations against the crimes of the Zionist regime in different countries of the world, the military of this regime continues to target the hospitals and residential areas of Gaza with their fire, while the United States and other western countries support this action of Tel Aviv and They have closed themselves to the genocide of the Palestinians.

The continuation of the Zionist crime in Gaza and the support of the Western countries for it provoked the anger of the Libyans and popular requests and institutions Official sanctioning of governments and companies that support the Zionist regime is increasing.

By publishing a statement, Dar al-Efta of Libya asked institutions and personalities importing goods to this country. Ban the products of companies that support the Zionist regime and refrain from entering Libya, because the purchase of these products is considered “cooperation in the offense and aggression”.

This statement states: Any product purchased from companies supporting the Zionist regime is considered as participation in the Gaza war, and whoever buys the product has his hands stained with the blood of the innocent people of Gaza.

According to Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper, Dar al-Afta of Libya asked the authorities of this country not to allow products from Libya to be sold to companies supporting the Zionist regime or to be bought from them, because the Westerners use money and weapons from the regime. Israel supports it.

The statement of the Libyan Dar al-Ifta stated: Helping the people of Gaza is a Sharia obligation for all Muslims in the world. Everyone should take steps in this field with everything they have. Money or weapons, embargoing goods, demonstrations in the streets, diplomatic measures and any tool that is effective in the current era. Debibeh, the acting Prime Minister of the National Unity Government of Libya, allocated 50 million dollars to help the people of Gaza in the recent meeting of this government and said: this amount was the smallest financial aid that Libya presented.

He announced his government’s position of opposition to the aggression of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strip and clarified: the occupying enemy has carried out such an attack with the aim of destroying and displacing the people of Gaza.

Meanwhile, a delegation from the Supreme Council of the Government attended the Palestinian Embassy in Tripoli and supported the stability of the people of Gaza against the attacks of the Zionist military in this region.

The House of Representatives of Libya demanded to stop oil exports to supporters of the Zionist regime

The head of this delegation said in a meeting with the Palestinian delegation in Tripoli: Libya supports the Palestinian nation with all the facilities it has so that this nation can regain its lost rights. achieve and establish an independent Palestinian state with the capital of Al-Quds Sharif. In Cairo, they condemned the attacks of the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip. The targets of the fire are the Zionist soldiers, the governments are sitting and talking about sending cans of milk and medicine.

play an effective role in the war in Gaza, end the attacks of the Zionist regime and support this nation by providing humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

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