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Intensification of concerns about the attack of supporters of Palestine on the American embassy in London

A massive demonstration in London calling for a cease-fire in Gaza is planned for today, raising concerns about the possible impact of the attack on the US embassy.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the streets around the American embassy and the Zionist regime in London to deal with possible attacks by pro-Palestinian protesters and staunch opponents of the Biden government’s policies of supporting the Zionist regime in the war with Gaza was closed on the orders of the London Metropolitan Police.

According to “Newsweek”, a large crowd of pro-Palestinian protesters are expected to march from London’s Hyde Park to the American Embassy in this country and against the regime. Zionism and the policies of the Biden government should be chanted. Earlier, British lawmakers made unsuccessful attempts to persuade the organizers to postpone the demonstration today, which coincides with Armistice Day, the anniversary of the First World War, but none of them came to fruition.

It is predicted that during this march, more than 1 million protestors will participate in this march in support of the Palestinian people and condemning the actions of the chauvinist regime in Gaza. According to the report of the London Metropolitan Police, there is a possibility of very violent behavior by some of these protesting groups during this march. Due to disorder and possible clashes between the protesters, certain areas of the streets around the American embassy and also the embassy of the Zionist regime have been closed and are under strict security surveillance.

Accordingly, the American Embassy has also ordered its American citizens to refrain from being in the area where the demonstration is going to be held and to use extreme caution if caught in this demonstration.

Six groups of British Muslim associations are involved in organizing this march. The war between the Zionist regime and Hamas after the October 7 attacks has brought strong protests around the world in support of the Palestinian people.

Since the beginning of the Gaza war This is the fourth consecutive week of demonstrations by the British people every weekend in support of the Palestinian people, and the police are on alert to deal with possible violence among the protesters.

Previously, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, along with British Home Secretary Suella Brauerman, asked the London Police Chief to prevent this massive march. .

However, in a statement, the London Metropolitan Police, while expressing opposition to the request of the Prime Minister and the Minister of Interior, stated that there is no “legal prohibition” to hold this demonstration. .

While issuing this statement, both Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman accused the London police of being “biased” by the protests of the supporters of Palestine and said that if it happens Any disturbing incident in this demonstration will call him to account.

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