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Pedro Sánchez won the majority to form a coalition government in Spain

With the support of the Basque National Party, “Pedro Sanchez” the last obstacle to the formation of a new coalition government in Spain was removed from his path and now he has won the majority in the parliament and probably in the coming days the new government of Spain headed by Sanchez will start its work. did

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, newspaper ” Tagus Shaw wrote in an article: “Pedro Sánchez”, the head of the Spanish government, has apparently found the necessary majority in the parliament to confirm his resumption of the post of prime minister. After the separatists of Catalonia, now the Basque National Party has also announced its support for the formation of the future coalition government.

In this way, almost four months after Parliamentary elections seem to have cleared the way for the formation of a new government in Spain. Interim Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez can count not only on the support of the Catalan separatists, but now also on the help of the Basque nationalist party PNV.

Sánchez has been in office since 2018 and will lead a minority government from 2020. slow The recent parliamentary elections in this country resulted in an uncertain majority in the Spanish Parliament. The conservative PP became the strongest force and opposition leader Alberto Núñez Feijo was appointed by King Felipe VI to form a government. However, Feijo failed to win enough supporters to form a new government.

The king then commissioned Sánchez to form a government in early October. After the election in July, he had already formed a minority coalition with the left wing Somar. On Thursday, Sanchez’s party managed to reach an agreement with the Catalan separatist party (Unites). In exchange for cooperation, the PSOE promised to pardon some 1,400 convicted separatists. Carles Puigdemont, the former president of Catalonia, will also benefit from the immunity.

The Younes politician, who lives in exile in Belgium, said they Socialists will also talk about the new independence referendum in Catalonia. At the beginning of November, the PSOE also agreed to cooperate with the Catalan separatist party ERC. Observers worry that Spain will face a new phase of political instability in this situation. Europe is very controversial. In a September poll, about 70 percent of respondents were against it. In addition, the highest regulatory body of the Spanish judiciary, the Consejo General del Poder Judicial, has expressed serious concerns about the project. EU justice commissioner Didier Reynders has also taken this position and has already communicated this to the Spanish government.

On Thursday, unidentified people Vidal Cuadras, the former head of the conservative PP party, was shot dead in Catalonia. It is not yet clear whether this attack could be related to the formation of the government or not. The formation of the government has deepened the differences between the two factions in this country. They opposed his decision to pardon the separatists. They demanded that Sánchez be imprisoned and declared that it was the right of the Spanish to protect Spain. On the other hand, Sanchez wrote in X: “The attack on the PSOE office is an attack on democracy and on all those who believe in it.”

The shooting of a prominent Spanish politician sent him to the hospital
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