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Amnesty International: Pakistan should stop detaining and deporting Afghan refugees

Amnesty International requested the government of Pakistan to immediately stop arresting and deporting Afghan refugees in the current situation.

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According to the regional office of Tasnim news agency, “Livia “If the Pakistani government does not immediately stop deporting refugees, it will deprive thousands of vulnerable Afghans, especially women and girls, of access to security, education and livelihood,” said Sakardi, Amnesty International’s regional deputy for South Asia.

He added that no one should be subjected to group deportation.

This Amnesty International official emphasized that it is better Pakistan should respect its international law obligations, including the principle of non-refoulement.

Saccardi said thousands of Afghan refugees are being used as a tool of political pressure to send them back to Afghanistan, where Their lives may be in danger.

Amnesty International stated in this announcement that after September 17, 170,000 Afghan refugees were deported from Pakistan, and from November 1 to Even now, beyond filing cases for illegal asylum seekers according to the 1946 law, the police detain them directly. , there is a legal process and accountability in arrests and deportations during the last week. This issue has been aggravated by the increase in incidents of persecution and hostility against Afghan refugees in Pakistan. The Pakistani government has criticized.

The organization stated that in at least seven of the 49 centers that the Pakistani government has established, the detained people have no legal rights, including the right to a defense lawyer. Or contact with family members is not given.

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According to this declaration, Pakistan should fulfill its obligations under international law. Humanity should act to ensure the safety and well-being of Afghan refugees within its borders and immediately stop deportations to prevent further escalation of this crisis.

Although the Pakistani authorities They said that people without documents are detained and deported, but many asylum seekers with legal documents were also detained and deported.

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