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Netanyahu: Heads of countries should not give in to pressure and continue to support Israel

In a speech on Saturday evening, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime asked world leaders not to give in to the pressure and to continue supporting this regime.

According to Fars News Agency International Group, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday evening that the war will not stop until victory is achieved.

Continuing his words, he said: “We will not stop until we achieve success and progress in the war, the goal of which is progress, and there is no alternative to that.” The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime added: “We will destroy Hamas and return our abductees.” Netanyahu claimed: “Hamas fighters have lost control of the Gaza Strip and have nowhere to hide.”

He added: “We were ready for the northern front and warned Hezbollah to enter the war.” “Without the return of the abductees, there will be no ceasefire, and negotiations for their release will be conducted by the head of the Mossad.” Netanyahu asked the heads of Arab countries to take a stand against Hamas.

He added: “The main goal is to defeat Hamas and the majority of the American people support us.” It is inseparable from the axis of terrorism that Iran is leading.” Netanyahu said: “He has been in constant contact with Joe Biden, the president of the United States, and has received military, political and I appreciate the morality of the American nation.” He added: “Hamas has finally been disarmed and there will be no more threats from the Gaza Strip against Israel, and the army will continue its operations to control Gaza. It will continue”.

The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime said: “If we want peace, security and guaranteeing the future of the state of Israel, we must overcome Hamas”.

Netanyahu said: “Any international pressure will not change our belief in self-defense, and world leaders should continue to support Israel and not give in to pressure.”

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