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Erdogan: The region must get rid of the countries that came from thousands of kilometers away

The President of Turkey said: Our region must immediately get rid of the countries that came from tens of thousands of kilometers away and want to gain power here.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned from the summit The Organization of Islamic Cooperation stated that Gaza is the land of the Palestinian people and said: America must accept this fact. If Biden’s approach is that Gaza is not the land of the Palestinian people but the land of Israeli settlers, it will not be possible for us to agree. It is an act that has not been said before, it defines the settlers as terrorists and it is even a text that contains geostrategy. Erdogan criticized the UN Security Council and said: The future of the world and people’s lives should not be put in 5 countries have the right to veto. Referring to the voting in the United Nations, he said: These are 121 countries that agree that the world is bigger than 5. Erdogan’s approach America and Western countries have criticized Israel’s crimes in Gaza and stated: Once again we have seen that the United Nations and other international organizations are blind when the victims are Muslims. The humanitarian sent from Turkey to the Rafah crossing said: “We sent 10 planes carrying about 230 tons of humanitarian aid to Egypt for delivery to Gaza. Yesterday morning, a large ship carrying 50 containers, including field hospital equipment and other aid materials, left for Egypt. Most likely, it will arrive at Bandar al-Arish tomorrow morning.

Erdogan noted: It is necessary to update the structure that was created after World War II. The system of permanent membership and veto rights in the United Nations must be changed.

He pointed to Israel’s crimes in Gaza and said: Although different governments are close to Israel for their imperialist interests, now from the eyes of the communities, Israel is a country. It is a child killer. Erdogan emphasized: There is no better way to achieve peace than holding a meeting with the presence of all actors in the region, including the warring parties. He said about Hamas: they They want us to say that Hamas is a terrorist group. No, Hamas is not a terrorist group. They are people who fight to protect their land and fight for their homeland.

Erdogan emphasized: Our region must immediately get rid of the countries that came from tens of thousands of kilometers away and want to gain power here. Get rid of it.

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