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Amir Abdollahian’s Instagram report on holding an emergency meeting of heads of Islamic and Arab countries

On his Instagram page, the foreign minister presented a report on the emergency meeting of heads of Islamic and Arab countries in Riyadh.

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According to Tasnim news agency, Hossein Amirabdollahian wrote:

On Saturday On November 20, we left for Riyadh with Mr. Dr. Raisi, the respected president of our country, to participate in the emergency meeting of the heads of Islamic and Arab countries. The high political level with the presence of heads of Islamic countries to make collective decisions in support of Palestine was raised by the president of our country and was taken into consideration by benefiting from the capacity of multilateral diplomacy (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and in diplomatic consultations.

The president of our country, who participated in this meeting with ten important, operational and urgent proposals, decided to make a decisive decision for the benefit of the Palestinian nation, including stopping the killing and genocide in Gaza, completely lifting the human blockade, cutting off any communication. political and economic cooperation with the Zionist regime by Islamic countries, the formation of an international court to prosecute and punish the leaders and criminals of the Zionist regime and the United States, the establishment of a special fund for the immediate reconstruction of Gaza and the large-scale dispatch of convoys carrying humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people from Islamic countries

Islamic Republic of Iran considers the main and permanent solution for Palestine in accordance with international law to hold a referendum to determine its destiny with the participation of all genuine Palestinians inside and outside this land, which is always emphasized at the highest political levels. It has been placed.

In the meeting of senior experts to prepare the final statement of the summit, according to the usual procedure, Iran’s reservations regarding clauses of the statement were officially announced and sent to the Secretariat of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation through an official note.

Bilateral meetings with the high officials of Egypt, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Nigeria, Syria, Qatar, Lebanon and Sudan were another part of the intensive plans of this important trip. In these meetings, in addition to paying attention to developments in Palestine, the latest state of bilateral relations and the areas of strengthening relations were discussed.

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