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The British Home Secretary threatened the supporters of Palestine

The British interior minister, who was angered by the large presence of Palestinian supporters in their weekly demonstrations in the cities of his country, started slandering and threatening the protesters.

According to the report of the international group of Fars News Agency, with the continuation of the protests against the Zionist regime in London and other cities of England, “Suella Braverman”, the British Minister of the Interior, made threats and slander against these protesters.

According to the “Telegraph” website, Braverman claimed in a series of articles on the “X” social network that the streets of London are used to “glorify terrorism”. and with a threatening tone called it necessary to “deal more” with the protesters.

On Saturday, coinciding with the anniversary of the armistice at the end of World War I, hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators held a large anti-Zionist march in The streets of the city of London implemented extensive police security measures. British police forces have intensified the repression of the demonstrators and arrested dozens of them.

The British Home Minister claimed that some of the contents of the placards and slogans raised in the demonstrations on Saturday in London are “clearly criminal”. “.

Telegraph newspaper speculated that these words of the British Home Secretary indicate an increase in pressure on the London police to completely ban such demonstrations.

Last week, the British Home Secretary made harsh words against pro-Palestinian demonstrators, which provoked many negative reactions and some accused him of inciting violence in the British capital with his words.

The British Home Secretary did not elaborate further on his threat of “more confrontations” with pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

The capital On Saturday, Britain witnessed the largest anti-Zionist demonstrations since the implementation of the Al-Aqsa storm operation by the resistance forces against the Zionist regime and the regime’s brutal attacks on the people in Gaza.

Since then, these demonstrations It is held in the center of London every week on Saturday and it is getting more widespread every week. arresting “criminals”.

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