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Netanyahu’s reaction to the Israeli minister’s statement about the “Gaza tragedy”

Shortly after a Zionist minister threatened to launch a nuclear attack on the Gaza Strip, another minister in Netanyahu’s cabinet admitted to the sinister plan that Israel has designed for the Palestinian people, especially the Gaza Strip.

– International News

According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, while the Zionist authorities are trying to oppress the world and justify their brutal aggression against the civilians of Gaza, but even they cannot admit to the sinister conspiracies they have designed for the Palestinian people. The nuclear attack on the Gaza Strip will not stop, “Avi Dikhter”, the Minister of Agriculture of the Zionist regime, announced that the request of the Israeli army to transfer the residents of the northern part of the Gaza Strip to the southern part is actually a repetition of the “Palestinian tragedy”. One of the members of the team of security ministers of the small cabinet of the Zionist regime, in an interview with Channel 12 TV of this regime, referring to the displacement of a large percentage of the people of Gaza, announced that what we are witnessing in Gaza now is actually the “Nakbat 2023 of Gaza”.

He added, no one knows how the story will end in the end or whether the displaced residents of the northern Gaza Strip will be allowed to return to their homes.

The Minister of Agriculture of the occupation regime Answering the question whether the request of the army of this regime to transfer people from the north of Gaza to the south was one of the psychological goals of this operation, he said, this is an operational event and we must realize that a large number of our forces are there, and this It is a very densely populated area. In a crowded place like northern Gaza, it is not possible to manage the war and the number of civilian residents should be reduced. He said, now if we want to repeat the day of the Nakbat, we must say that this is the Nakbat of Gaza and at the level of Operationally, war cannot be managed when there are too many people between tanks and soldiers. This is the tragedy of Gaza in 2023 and we don’t know where the story will end.

These statements of the Minister of Agriculture of the Zionist regime angered the Prime Minister of this regime, Benjamin Netanyahu, and he quickly asked his ministers not to make any statements. which may harm Israel. “Atomic bomb” dropped in the Gaza Strip Zionist use of atomic bomb against Gaza

Netanyahu told his ministers that every word you speak has its own media weight for Israel at the world level, so if you don’t know or don’t understand, don’t speak and be careful. Be.

Last week, “Emihai Eliyahu”, the minister of cultural heritage of the Zionist regime, in his latest inhumane statements, called the use of nuclear bombs in the Gaza Strip the only possible way and said: The Gaza Strip should not remain on the ground. , we have to build a new settlement there.

This Zionist minister’s public admission that Israel has nuclear weapons angered and worried the officials of this regime, including Netanyahu, and Eliyahu was banned from attending cabinet meetings until further notice. .

Earlier, Moshe Viglin, a former Knesset member of the interim regime, also called for the use of atomic bombs against Gaza. A Zionist supported by European countries revealed against the Palestinian people and announced that Israel is seeking to find an “alternative homeland” for the Palestinian people in order to destroy the Palestinian state from the roots and to displace the Palestinians as a “people without a land” in various Arab countries. .

Based on this ominous American-Zionist plan, the Sinai desert and Jordan should be introduced as an alternative homeland for the people of Gaza and the West Bank, or these people should coexist with the interior of Egypt and Jordan, and ultimately in the demographic context. Egypt and Jordan merge. This is an American-Israeli project supported by European countries, which is not related to the present time; Rather, there is a long history in this field, and all efforts to implement this project had failed, and these efforts have been restarted. The “alternative homeland” plan for the Palestinians and the strong military movements of the United States with the support of European countries show that the Gaza Strip is part of a wider project that targets the entire Arab region.

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