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The visit of the President of Indonesia to America in the midst of the Gaza war

The President of Indonesia left for the United States in the midst of intensifying criticism caused by the support policies of the Biden administration against the barbaric attacks of the Zionist regime during the Gaza war.

According to Fars News Agency International Group, Indonesian President Joko Widodo will meet with American President Joe Biden at the White House this week and then to participate in The 30th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in San Francisco will travel to the United States in the midst of the escalation and continuation of the Zionist regime’s war against Hamas in Gaza. Widodo and Biden have raised such questions for the citizens of his country as to whether or not he will call for a ceasefire in Gaza during this meeting.

The excessive sensitivities towards his positions regarding the Gaza war have been caused by the fact that despite the testimony of more than 11,000 Palestinians, he still has not taken any serious approach towards condemning the crimes of the Zionist regime.

This issue has become especially important in the situation that the Indonesian hospital located in the north of Gaza has been surrounded by the forces of the Zionist regime for the past few weeks.

This hospital was built in 2011 with the financial contributions of citizens and the support of the Red Cross Society of this country and the Muhammadiyah Organization of this country as one of the largest Muslim organizations in Indonesia, and in 2016 by the then Vice President of Indonesia, “Joseph Kala » was opened.

And now, the Indonesian Medical Emergency Rescue Committee, which previously collected and organized financial aid for the construction of a hospital in this country , is stationed in the north of Gaza to support the Palestinian people.

Since the beginning of the Gaza war, the President of Indonesia has supported the Palestinians and condemned the actions of the regime. Zionism is under severe pressure.

However, despite the dire situation of the people of Gaza and the siege of the Indonesian hospital by the forces of the Zionist regime, some experts have stated that Widodo is likely to use his visit to the White House to discuss He will use it on a wide range of issues, and the issue of establishing a ceasefire in Gaza is not a priority for him.

His critics have stated that Widodo will focus on Indonesia’s interests in interaction with America during this trip and will not spend much time on other issues such as the Gaza crisis. In fact, this meeting will be a business meeting.

In the past weeks, the President of Indonesia has not taken a strong position regarding the martyrdom of more than 11,000 Palestinians in Gaza. and is still under pressure from the people to strengthen its position of support for Palestine.

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