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Hamas: The Riyadh meeting statement was disappointing

One of the leaders of the Hamas movement described the statement of the Riyadh meeting two days ago as disappointing and said that the Arab and Islamic countries did not use the levers of their power.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, “Osame Hamdan”, one of the leaders of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, described the final statement of the Arab-Islamic meeting in Riyadh as “disappointing” in a news conference.

He told Al-Mayadeen network: “We expected our Arab and Muslim brothers to use their levers of power in the Riyadh meeting with the aim of stopping the suffering of the people of Gaza.”

A joint meeting of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation was held on Saturday (November 20) with the aim of examining ways to stop the war in Gaza with the presence of the heads of state in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, and according to observers, it ultimately led to no tangible action. And it was not different.

Osame Hamdan told al-Mayadeen that only residents of Gaza will rule this region; He emphasized: “Our blood and lives will be the price of our freedom.” It was making all the Arab and Islamic countries do their duty and escaping from the duty of defending the Arab and Islamic national security and abandoning Palestine and its people against the Zionist regime and its western supporters”.

“Osame Hamdan” continued his speech and mentioned the bombing of Gaza hospitals and said: “The occupying regime tried to keep its crime secret when it bombarded al-Mu’amdani hospital, but today it is bombing hospitals with fighters; The responsibility of these crimes is on the shoulders of all those who could not do anything to stop it.” The attacks will be painful, he added: “those soldiers who are not killed on the battlefield will be suffocated inside Merkava tanks by Eliasin 105 missiles.”

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