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Zionist media: Israel will soon be forced to accept a ceasefire in Gaza/we did not achieve any of our goals

Referring to the weakness and mismanagement of the authorities of this regime during the current war in Gaza, a Zionist media announced that there is no prospect of realizing any of Israel’s goals in this war, and Israel will be forced to accept a ceasefire within one or two weeks.

– International news

According to the international group Tasnim news agency, amid frequent warnings from circles and experts as well as former officials And now the Zionist regime about the heavy consequences of the Gaza war for this regime and stressing the necessity of not prolonging the war, the Hebrew newspaper Yediot Aharonot announced in an article that the battle of October 7 (Operation Storm Al-Aqsa) was the most difficult and bitter tragedy for Israel since its establishment. This day has no end date for us.

October 7 marked the most bitter tragedy for Israel

This Zionist media in its article written by Nahum Barnia announced, on the morning of October 7, the Palestinian resistance began an operation that was the most difficult and bitter disaster for Israel since its establishment, and the amount of terror and the extent of the damage that has been inflicted on Israel in this operation is unimaginable. Maybe this is the difference between an accident and a disaster. After an accident, you can return to the situation before it, but this possibility does not exist when a disaster occurs, and you have to think differently about your path. The members of Israel’s war council are shadowy and compared to the war cabinet formed during the October 1973 war, the current Israeli war cabinet lacks coordination. Golda Meir, the prime minister of Israel at the time, and David Elizar, the chief of staff of the Israeli army at that time, did not think that Moti Ashkenazi (reserve officer of the Zionist regime) would protest and after that an investigation committee would be formed and a phase would begin. which will end with the fall of Israel’s current cabinet. According to this report, Benjamin Netanyahu, the current prime minister, and Herzi Halevi, the current chief of staff of the Israeli army, also know all this, and Netanyahu is trying to prevent this from happening. which cannot be prevented.

Who are responsible for Israel’s failure in the Al-Aqsa storm operation?

Nahum Barnia about the list of Zionist political and military officials who He said that the failure of the Zionist regime played a role in the Al-Aqsa storm operation, and this list can be completed with the Israeli army, the chief of the army general staff, the chief of Amman, the commander of the front and the commander of the division, who are absent, and also with the head of Shabak. Perhaps it is better to explain this failure to start with senior political officials, including Netanyahu and Yoav Galant (Israeli Minister of War). This list also includes Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot; During the period when they were the chief of staff of the army, those who presented wrong ideas about Hamas and Yahya al-Sanwar, the head of this movement, and the security of Israeli settlements, and these wrong ideas were rooted in their era. All these Israeli officials admitted their responsibility in this failure; Except for Netanyahu who does not say anything. The Israeli army is now in a race against time. This week, Netanyahu boasted that generals from all over the world had come to learn from Israel’s “wonderful” achievements in the war, but the reality is that these generals had come to find answers to their questions about a month-long puzzle of all the world’s military and political systems.

There is no prospect for the realization of any of Israel’s goals in the Gaza war

The mentioned Israeli author further stated , the summary of this puzzle is: How did such a well-equipped and trained army fail in the October 7 operation? Victory for Israel in the current war in Gaza means the return of all prisoners, the complete destruction of Hamas, the removal of Hezbollah from the border area on the northern front of Israel (Occupied Palestine), the immediate reconstruction of settlements and the security of abandoned settlements. But the truth is that there is no prospect of realizing any of these goals.

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The author Yediot Aharanot continues the progress and development of the resistance axis in recent years He pointed out and emphasized that against this level of growth and progress of the resistance axis, Israel needs America and the President of this country, Joe Biden; While he didn’t need them so much before. While Israel always worked on the sidelines, the Iranians worked on the foundation, including in the field of the nuclear project and the strengthening of the axis of resistance, which started from Tehran and reached Damascus, Beirut, Sana’a and Gaza. In addition to that, the Iranians have also strengthened their relations with Moscow in a fundamental way.

In the rest of this article, Hamas leaders’ statements that the Al-Aqsa storm operation has returned the Palestinian issue to the top of the world’s priorities are mentioned. It has been said that the Palestinians succeeded in realizing this goal. In the meantime, Biden is under intense pressure from public opinion, and the images of Gaza’s devastation caused by Israel’s attacks expose Biden to sharp criticism from the left wing of the Democrats. In the midst of all this, Yoav Gallant talks about the difficult decisions that the cabinet has to make, but he does not give any explanation about his decisions and does not say what he really means.

Israel will soon be forced to accept a ceasefire

According to this article, meanwhile, there is a growing concern among Israelis about the fate of the prisoners who are in the hands of the Palestinian resistance; Besides, a number of them were killed in the Israeli bombings against Gaza. The fact is that Israel will be forced to accept a ceasefire within one or at most two weeks.

Nahum Barnia, the author of this report, pointed out the chaotic situation of the Zionist settlements after the Al-Aqsa storm operation and announced that these settlements As a result of internal disputes and conflicts, they have been torn apart and torn apart; so that sometimes police intervention is necessary to reduce tensions. Also, the management vacuum is also strongly felt and the authorities are very slow and weak and sometimes hostile. The condition of the settlements is very dire and it will take years to repair the ruins left by October 7.

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