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The US and South Korea are reviewing the deterrence strategy regarding North Korea’s threats

The US and South Korea agreed to review their deterrence strategy regarding North Korean threats.

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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, South Korea’s Ministry of Defense announced that US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, during talks with his South Korean counterpart Shin Won-sin, reviewed and amended a bilateral security agreement aimed at preventing North Korea’s missile advancements and nuclear threats.

According to the agreement that was signed between the two countries about 10 years ago, the purpose of this deterrence strategy is to deal with nuclear weapons. and other North Korean weapons.

According to the South Korean Ministry of Defense, Lloyd Austin traveled to Seoul to participate in the 70th anniversary of the US-South Korean alliance and to talk with his Korean counterpart.

The ministry stated: The review of this security agreement was a necessary action because the existing strategy is sufficient to the rapid developments of missile programs. And North Korea will not pay nuclear.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of Korea has not published the exact details of the revision of this agreement, but according to this strategy, the United States will use its strategic military capabilities, including nuclear forces, to defend its allies while North Korea advances its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Korea’s Ministry of Defense previously announced that Austin and his Korean counterpart will jointly discuss countering North Korean threats, including through the implementation of a comprehensive deterrence strategy.

According to this report, the purpose of these talks is to better coordinate the nuclear response of the allies during a war with North Korea.

South Korea’s defense minister said the two countries have updated their security cooperation, including setting up a nuclear advisory group and promoting the implementation of a comprehensive deterrence strategy.

While US, South Korea and Japan have agreed to set up a high-level advisory group to counter North Korea’s cyber threats.

The purpose of setting up this advisory group is to strengthen the effective capabilities of the three countries against global cyber threats, including the joint fight against North Korea’s cyber actions, which is an important source of investment in nuclear and missile programs. is used.

Two days ago, North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement accused US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken because He criticized the rise in tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

The statement said: Blinken’s comments about relations between Pyongyang and Moscow have increased tensions on the Korean Peninsula and in the region.

The Ministry emphasized: The US Secretary of State during his recent Asian tour raised unfounded concerns about the expansion of equal and normal relations between Pyongyang and Moscow.

The Ministry of Home Affairs stressed: If America is really talking about security South Korea and Ukraine are concerned, they should pay more attention to security issues and the concerns of North Korea and Russia. The only way for Washington to address its concerns is to refrain from adopting a hostile policy and away from the Cold War mentality with regard to North Korea and Russia, ending political provocations and political threats and strategic pressure on us and Russia. .

Anthony Blinken during his trip to Japan and South Korea have said that Washington and its allies are concerned about military cooperation between Russia and North Korea. He also once again accused Pyongyang of sending weapons and ammunition to Moscow.

US, South Korea and Japan agreement for Setting up a consultative group to deal with North Korea

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