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A cease-fire petition in Gaza signed by one million people in the world

More than one million people in the world signed a petition from the Amnesty International organization asking for a ceasefire in Gaza to be implemented immediately.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, Amnesty International announced today by publishing a statement on its official website: This organization has received a petition with the signatures of more than one million people, whose signatories have demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, so that in the shadow of it End the suffering of the residents of this area.

Amnesty International asked people and social political activists to join the signatories of this petition.

Amnesty International, referring to the holding of the European Union Foreign Relations Council meeting to review the developments in Gaza, asked the leaders of this union to protect the lives of Palestinian citizens. call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

“Ayogdi” Director of the Office of European Institutions of Amnesty International calling the events in Gaza terrible (killing of women and children and Lack of medicine and medical facilities to treat the wounded and sick) said: Some European governments such as Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic are preventing the European Union from asking for a ceasefire or condemning the violation of humanitarian laws in Gaza.

He added: This action creates space to exempt Israel (the Zionist regime) from punishment and encourages Tel Aviv to ignore its obligations regarding the immunity of citizens from military attacks.

The catastrophic deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza hospitals/ We have no food and no water left

This official of Amnesty International said: Some leaders of the European Union not only prevent the ceasefire in Gaza, but also actively support Israel with weapons and politics. They also prevent Palestinian supporters from holding demonstrations.

Gadi emphasized: The European Union, which claims to support human rights and international laws, is in the eyes of people all over the world. The world is facing a serious credit crisis.

He pointed to the continuous bombing and shelling of Gaza by the Zionist regime and said: during this daily firefight On average, 300 Palestinians are killed, while the Gaza Strip is illegally under Israeli siege, and these issues cause immense suffering to the people of this region.

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