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Hebrew language media: Netanyahu must go

A Hebrew-language media admitted that, despite the fact that Netanyahu’s removal is certain the day after the end of the war, the kind of hatred that the society has found for him, and especially the hostile approach of the leftists, has made it the only way for him to escape from this danger. .
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According to the Hebrew group Tasnim News Agency

Hajai Segal, an analyst of the Makorishion newspaper, announced in today’s Monday issue of this Hebrew-language media that the day after the end of the war, exactly the day after the end of the war, Netanyahu must step down as prime minister, he must be removed or leave. This is not a personal decision on his part, but this is everyone’s wish, and he should not remain as prime minister even before the fact-finding committee is formed.

The prime minister who has lived so long that a great and terrible disaster occurred during his tenure should step down, even if he is not directly responsible for this disaster and the inefficiency of the intelligence agencies, this should be done.

In another part of this note, Netanyahu’s resignation is a necessary condition for Israel to recover from the hard blows of the war and return to the period of reconciliation. But as long as he is the prime minister, the possibility of recovery and reconciliation is impossible, I don’t think it is necessary to announce the reasons, the general events that since the day of his victory in the last election are enough to interpret and confirm this claimant, so far in the history of Israel, a year like this. There is no history of badness.

According to this Zionist writer: It is predicted that after the end of the war, a big revolt against Netanyahu will be formed inside Likud. This calamity happened to Golda Meir before in 1973, Netanyahu must remember that the only way he can escape from this danger is at the hands of the leftists and the media associated with them, because their stubborn and fierce enmity against him can be considered his last lifeline, because he is so hypocritical and depraved that he can gather the rightists around him again by creating left-phobia.

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