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Why did Israel re-use old tanks in the Gaza war?

After the destruction of a large number of Zionist tanks during the invasion of the Gaza Strip, the Zionist army has been forced to return older tanks to the service in order to continue its war.
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According to the Hebrew group Tasnim News Agency

, Udid Yaron, an analyst of weapons issues of the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, disclosed in a report in this regard, that the Israeli army has been forced to re-enter a battalion of Mirkava F-3 tanks into the operational phase.

According to this report, these tanks, which were decommissioned and were supposed to be sold in the framework of an arms agreement, were returned to service (due to the severe shortage of tanks) and a battalion consisting of Colonel Second, Erez Saadoun, as the commander, along with a number of military and security officers who had experience working on these types of tanks, have formed the new battalion.

This report further states that the Israeli army is looking to add preventive defense systems to its tanks and armored vehicles after a large number of its tanks were targeted inside Gaza.

According to this journalist, the said actions are to preserve the reputation of the Israeli army and the position of its tanks and armored vehicles in the world markets, especially since these strikes have damaged the reputation of the Israeli military industry.

Yediot Aharanot newspaper also announced in a report in this regard that hundreds of old and decommissioned Mirkava 2 and 3 tanks were to be sold to several The European country was sold and 200 planes were transferred to Ukraine and Poland, but the war in Gaza caused this process to stop completely.

This media also revealed, citing Israeli analysts, that the number of Israeli tanks has decreased day by day since the start of the war against Gaza.

38th day of “Al-Aqsa storm”| Zionists under “painful blows” of the resistance / missile attack on Zionist military bases / destruction of Israeli tanks and armored personnel carriers

Lack of tanks in the Israeli regime army/ The Zionists turned to using old tanks
32nd day of “Aqsa storm”| The Israeli army was caught in the swamp of the open areas of Gaza/ al-Qassam destroyed 14 tanks of the Zionist regime today

He announced at the same time , the Israeli army is looking to use older tanks in the war with Gaza because their costs (if destroyed) are much lower than their newer models.

It should be mentioned that Al Jazeera, citing the satellite images of the tanks of the Zionist regime, reported that between November 3 and 8, 88 tanks disappeared inside the Gaza Strip, and since the Israeli army definitely did not remove them from this area, then they should concluded that all of them were destroyed.

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