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Jordan: The future is dark because Israel has crossed all the red lines

The Jordanian foreign minister said in a speech on Monday evening that the future regarding Gaza is still dark and dark because we are facing the Israeli cabinet that has rejected all the red lines.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi warned on Monday about the worsening of the war in Gaza.

He said in his words: “The future is still dark and dark because we are on the side of the Israeli cabinet, which has crossed all the red lines.” The Jordanian foreign minister added: “The world must remember that war Gaza has not started since October 7th and this war has roots.” Al-Safadi said: “Hamas did not create the war, but it was this war that created Hamas.”

He continued: “Israel has interests in weakening the credibility of Jordan’s position because it damages it.” It will continue its activities in the north of Gaza”. The siege of Gaza and the prison and torture of thousands of Palestinians started the operation known as “Al-Aqsa Storm”.

This operation was one of the deadliest attacks against this regime. Hamas fighters penetrated into the occupied territories at several points of the border fences, attacked villages and besides killing a large number of Israelis, captured a number of them.

Zionist regime In response to this operation, it launched heavy attacks against Gaza and placed this area under complete siege. The attacks of the Zionist regime have led to the martyrdom of more than 11 thousand people.

European and American countries have supported the attacks of the Zionist regime and have opposed the establishment of a ceasefire in Gaza despite popular demonstrations.

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