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European foreign ministers’ request for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

At a meeting in Brussels, European foreign ministers requested an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip to allow the transfer of humanitarian aid to the region.
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According to the international group Tasnim news agency, the German newspaper “Tags Shaw” wrote in a report: In a joint statement, EU foreign ministers called for an “immediate ceasefire” in the Gaza war in the field of humanitarian aid. “Joseph Burrell”, the head of the European Union’s foreign policy, also wants to travel to the region this week for negotiations.

German Foreign Minister Analena Baerbok also said: “The situation in the region is collapsing, it seems.” It seems that the gaps are getting deeper.

He emphasized: Therefore, instead of progress, there is regression. The discussions do not seem to have a starting point for any kind of mediation. In this way, Baerbok could not report anything positive to his foreign minister colleagues at the Brussels meeting; He spoke of a bitter reality and that progress is made only in the smallest steps. He also said that the small steps now include European efforts to achieve short-term ceasefires rather than aid. Don’t destroy humanitarian aid in the hail of missiles. Baerbok explained: “As much as the suffering is, every liter of water and every package of food is desperately needed.” It was uncontroversial.

This morning Burrell stressed that he had been working on the announcement all Sunday – so that everyone could agree to it. So we are calling for humanitarian pauses so that aid can be delivered. to Gaza. Because people need water, fuel and food. All of that is at the border and can be moved at any time.

Borrell also wants to travel to the region soon. In order to be able to talk directly with the people involved about the current tense situation, this European official said on the sidelines of the European Union Foreign Ministers’ meeting: This week, he will travel to the occupied territories, Palestine, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan. announced that he wanted to talk about humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza Strip and a political solution to the crisis. He explained: “We need a political horizon with a view to a two-state solution. This can only be achieved through dialogue with It is possible

In his last trip to the region, Baerbok was in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, the West Bank and the occupied territories on Friday and Saturday. In this trip, in addition to the humanitarian situation of the civilians in the Gaza Strip, he also tried to achieve a peaceful solution to the conflicts. Meanwhile, Janz Lenarcic, the European Union Commissioner for Crisis Management, also spoke at the Brussels meeting. He emphasized the need to establish a humanitarian ceasefire. According to him, this situation should allow humanitarian workers to do their work in safety. While criticizing the Zionist regime, he said: This has not been the case so far. Fuel is especially essential for hospitals in the Gaza Strip to continue operating.

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