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Hebrew media: The war in Gaza changed the world’s view of the nightmare against Israel

According to the admission of the Zionist mass media, the war in Gaza has changed the view of the people of the world towards Israel in the form of a nightmare, and from now on they all see us as terrorists and describe Yahya al-Sanwar as a freedom-loving man.
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According to the Hebrew group Tasnim News Agency

, Avi Yeseskharov, an analyst of Yediot Aharanot newspaper, wrote in his today’s issue, Israel is in a situation that it could not have imagined even in its worst nightmares.

He added: Today in many parts of the world, Al-Sanwar and his colleagues in the leadership of Hamas are praised by the people and this The issue also applies to the public opinion of the United States and Britain and of course the Arab countries.

The year 2021 made the Arab cities (1948 regions) to revolt and achieve things that no Arab leader before him had managed to do, today he has become a hero in Europe and even among the people in the United States. .

The analyst of Yedioth Aharanot newspaper also admits at the end of his note: What has happened in recent days is one of the biggest political and public diplomacy failures of Israel. It is in its history and it can be said that it is the worst because of the way the war started.

European foreign ministers’ request to establish an immediate ceasefire in Gaza Foreign Ministers of Iran and Hungary discuss the developments in Gaza Revealed in Gaza War Gaza does not exist

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