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Al-Mayadeen director’s response to the Israeli regime: We will not stop

Al-Mayadeen director’s response to the Israeli regime: We will not stop

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, at dawn yesterday Monday (November 22), on the 38th day of the war against Gaza, the Security-Political Cabinet of the Zionist regime ordered that the activities of “Al-Mayadeen” network in Palestine (West Bank) It should be stopped.

War Minister Yoav Galant and Shlomo Karai, the regime’s communications minister, announced in a joint statement that the reason for issuing this order was to (prevent) an attack on Israel’s security. .

Ghassan Bin Jado, the manager of this network, in response to this action of Israel during the war, announced that the decision of the political security cabinet of Israel, including its network, website and even its social network, is in Arabic languages. , is English and Spanish “and maybe they consider this a great national security achievement that the occupiers are looking for in the shadow of the heavy defeat against the steadfast Gaza”.

Ben Jeddo stated that maybe this regime is trying to send a threatening message again in this way, and said: The sadistic Israeli minister, and the killer of children, maybe the free nature, the identity of the free and the meaning of these days He does not know… Al-Mayadeen has never been afraid and has been the refuge of the Palestinian cause and the supporter of its nation and its holy places. Al-Mayadeen has never behaved hypocritically and has always defended the resistance of nations against the occupiers and above all the oppressed Palestinian nation.

Al-Mayadeen director emphasized: Our facilities are small and we are not ashamed of it, but the historical and media honesty of Al-Mayadeen stole sleep from the eyes of the occupiers and we promise them that we will not stop. We will not beg for our business license in our land and with brave trustworthiness and we will not bend our backs cowardly. The action of the occupying authorities in banning us is a part of their constant policies of repression and suffocation.

Ben Jado once again announced: Al-Mayadeen will never back down in supporting the Palestinian nation and its people’s resistance. Kurd… Al-Mayadeen is not just a few buildings, offices and cameras. Al-Mayadeen is a deep thought and attitude and culture. Our olive branch is the symbol of this Palestine and no one can remove it from its place, even if they silence us and take us out of life. We stand firm, rooted and firm… This statement was a declaration of position, not a response to the dying regime.

Earlier and in May of last year, Al-Mayadin director Ben Jeddo said at the annual meeting of the “Arab National Congress” in Beirut, in expressing the position of this network, it has been proven to us and it has been proven by experience. that we don’t have neutral media, because this is a lie. We are not neutral… We have no neutrality against takfir, terrorism in the name of religion. There is no neutrality against compromisers [with the Zionist regime] or religious, racial or religious separatists or separatists.

Al-Mayadeen network in Lebanon is one of the most effective networks in the Arab world, which was established in 2012.



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