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Netanyahu: Efforts to free the hostages from Gaza continue

The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, who has been accused of not doing enough to free the Israeli prisoners from Gaza, claimed that the non-stop efforts to free the “hostages” continue.

According to Fars International News Agency, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the Zionist regime, claimed on Tuesday that he is constantly working to free the “hostages” from Hamas in Gaza.

Netanyahu has been severely pressured by the families of the prisoners and has been severely criticized in recent days for not doing enough to release 239 prisoners who are believed to be in Gaza.

The Prime Minister of the Zionist regime has so far refused to provide details about the negotiations related to the release of prisoners.

In a statement he released on Tuesday, he said: “If there is something tangible to announce, we will announce it.”

Netanyahu’s statements came shortly after Joe Biden’s statements, which claimed that he believed the hostages would be released in the Gaza Strip, but did not go into details. In this regard, an American official in An interview with CNN claimed that Hamas and the Israeli regime are approaching an agreement to release the soldiers in exchange for a temporary ceasefire.

On the other hand, Washington Post columnist “David Ignatius” reported today (November 14, 23 Aban) in an article quoting sources from the Zionist regime’s cabinet that the regime and Hamas reached agreements that would Most Israeli women and children are nearby.

Despite this, the Israeli foreign minister claimed on Tuesday that there is no evidence that Israeli prisoners are alive in Gaza.

Eli Cohen After meeting with the head of the Red Cross in Gaza, he claimed that the Red Cross has not met any of the hostages that Hamas captured in the Gaza Strip.

He told reporters: “Until today, none of our hostages have met with the Red Cross.” We have no sign of their existence.”

The Zionist regime claimed that 1,200 settlers were killed and 239 people were taken hostage in the October 7 operation.

Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas on October 7th (15th of Mehr) in response to more than seven decades of occupation of Palestine and nearly two decades of siege of Gaza and imprisonment and torture of thousands of Palestinians called operation It started the “Al-Aqsa Storm”.

This operation was one of the deadliest attacks against this regime. Hamas fighters penetrated into the occupied territories at several points of the border fences, attacked villages and besides killing a large number of Israelis, captured a number of them.

Zionist regime In response to this operation, it launched heavy attacks against Gaza and placed this area under complete siege. The attacks of the Zionist regime have led to the martyrdom of more than 11 thousand people.

The Israeli foreign minister’s claim about the lack of evidence that the prisoners are alive has been raised in the midst of increasing criticism of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet for failing to release these prisoners.

Today, the media reported that the families of Israelis captured by Hamas started their 5-day protest march from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The report of the Guardian newspaper states that the purpose of this demonstration is to show the families’ protest against the lack of work of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet to free these prisoners from Hamas.

In the past few days, Benjamin Netanyahu, in addition to being surprised by the Hamas operation on October 7, has also been severely criticized for not taking sufficient measures to free these prisoners.

Palestine Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas has released 4 prisoners so far, but negotiations for the release of other prisoners have not led to any results.

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