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Hamas: We condemn the claims about hiding in hospitals

Bassem Naim, one of the leaders of Hamas, said that the American claims about the resistance hiding in hospitals are a green light for the Zionist regime to attack them with the aim of destroying the health sector in Gaza.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the baseless accusations of the United States and the Zionist interim regime against the resistance groups in the Gaza Strip for hiding in hospitals and medical centers were met with a sharp reaction by Hamas.

Basem Naim, one of the leaders of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) said early Wednesday morning: “We strongly condemn the statements of the Pentagon and the White House about Hamas using hospitals to hide enemy prisoners or command and control centers.” And we reject it.

Naeem explained in an interview with Al Jazeera: “American statements are a green light for targeting hospitals with the aim of destroying the health sector and pressuring our people to be displaced. It is removing them from their land.” He added: “We reiterate our request to the United Nations to form an international committee to investigate all hospitals to prove the false claim of the Zionists and Washington. We will repeat it.”

This Hamas official stated that the US President Joe Biden’s government has told several lies that have all been exposed, and stated: “The possibility of tunnels under hospitals, bombing It does not justify them.” Naeem also added: “Gaza hospitals are home to 70,000 displaced people, so it is not reasonable to carry out military operations from inside them. The Israeli occupiers targeted several hospitals, not just al-Shafa Complex.” Earlier, Osama Hamdan, one of the leaders of Hamas, addressed the Palestinian people and the free nations and said, “We give this assurance. that the situation of resistance and al-Qassam battalions is good and they are completely in control of the situation. (more details)

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