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The 41st day of “Aqsa storm”. 50 martyrs in the bombardment of al-Sabra neighborhood/ The Security Council agreed to a “humanitarian pause” in Gaza

The airstrikes of the Zionist regime continue on the 41st day since the Zionist invasion of Gaza, and in a new crime, the Zionist fighters attacked Al-Sabra neighborhood in the center of Gaza, killing 50 people and wounding dozens of people.
– International News – Tasnim News Agency, on the 41st day since the Zionist invasion of Gaza, the regime’s air attacks on different areas of Gaza continue without interruption and the resistance In a retaliatory measure, Palestine targets Zionist settlements with its rocket and missile attacks. In the latest attack, the Zionists bombarded Khan Yunis, located in the south of the Gaza Strip, this morning.

The whispers of establishing a humanitarian pause to help Gaza and transport the wounded have not yet been carried out and the Zionist regime continues to obstruct this path.

The UN Security Council has submitted a draft resolution. approved by Malta regarding the establishment of a ceasefire and humanitarian pause in Gaza, with 12 votes in favor.

40th day of “Aqsa storm”| The entry of the Zionist soldiers into al-Shifa Hospital / the hospital turned into a military barracks

Dear users, follow the most important developments of the 41st day of the Al-Aqsa storm. :

1:48-Turkey: Israel has no right to talk about the law

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry announced that the Israeli officials who committed massacres against Palestinians have no right to talk about the law.

This ministry added: Israel has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of human consciences. and cannot cover up his crimes. Those who commit crimes in Gaza and take provocative actions will be brought to justice sooner or later. Turkish Foreign Ministry emphasized that we continue to oppose the killing of Gaza and support the just cause of the Palestinian people. We will give.

1:46- Palestinian representative in the United Nations: The Security Council resolution ignored the killing of 5,000 children in Gaza

He added: The (Israeli) bombing and attack should stop right now and humanitarian aid should enter the Gaza Strip.

The representative of Palestine in the United Nations emphasized that there is no safe water in Gaza hospitals.

He announced that the plan of the current Israeli cabinet is the continuation of the forced migration of the Palestinian people.

1:26- The reaction of the Zionist regime to the Security Council resolution regarding the humanitarian intervention in Gaza

The Foreign Ministry of the Zionist regime announced We ask the Security Council to implement its decision to release the abductees (prisoners of the Palestinian resistance) because without the return of the prisoners, there is no place for a humanitarian ceasefire.

1:20- Shooting at Zionist soldiers west of Jenin

News sources of Palestinian fighters shooting at Zionist soldiers in Salem crossing They reported in the west of the city of Jenin.

More details of this news have not been published.

1:17- Islamic Jihad’s response to the Zionists’ claim about Al-Shifa Hospital

the spokesman of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in In a conversation with Al Jazeera, he clarified: The occupying regime army’s narrative about al-Shifa hospital is a twisted and failed narrative. He added: The Zionist regime’s terrorism against Palestinians is carried out under international cover.

Islamic Jihad spokesman emphasized: The world should have taken action to prevent the (Zionist) attack on Shafa Hospital, but this did not happen.

1:12- Armed conflict between Palestinian fighters and Israeli forces in northern Gaza

Local Palestinian sources of armed conflict between The Palestinian fighters informed the Israeli occupying forces who were planning to infiltrate the west of Beit Lahia, located in the north of the Gaza Strip.

1:07- New Zionist airstrikes around the Indonesian hospital

Palestinian local sources released a video of the new airstrikes The Zionist regime informed the Indonesian hospital in the east of Jabalia, located in the north of the Gaza Strip.

The head of the orthopedic department of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza announced in an interview with Al-Jazeera: the bulldozers of the occupying regime have started destroying the hospital premises.

Previously, Ahmed Al-Mokhallati, the head of the burn department of the hospital, announced that the bulldozers of the Zionist regime entered the hospital from the south door.

He emphasized that the Israeli bulldozers entered al-Shifa hospital at the same time as the Israeli soldiers opened fire and excavated parts of the hospital grounds and destroyed the cars inside the hospital.

12:22- The UN Security Council agrees to the “humanitarian pause” in Gaza

The UN Security Council draft resolution presented by It approved Malta’s proposal regarding the establishment of a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, with 12 votes in favor.

This draft also emphasizes the establishment of an immediate and extensive humanitarian ceasefire and the establishment of safe crossings throughout the Gaza Strip. .

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