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The European Union gives Italy the green light to conclude an anti-immigration agreement with Albania

While many human rights organizations criticize Italy for concluding a migration agreement with Albania to deal with the influx of refugees, the European Union has approved it and does not consider it to be in violation of EU laws.

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according to the international group Tasnim news agency, despite The European Union is unsheathing its sword against immigrants and constantly intensifying its strict policies towards immigrants, but still this crisis remains an unresolved issue in this union and the influx of immigrants to this union is constantly increasing. /p>

Frontex announced the record entry of immigrants to Europe

in In the first month of this year, 331,600 people tried to enter the EU irregularly. This was the highest number of arrivals for the period since 2015, as the EU’s border protection agency (FZANTEX) announced in Warsaw on Wednesday. In October alone, Frontex recorded 49,600 such attempts, which was 18% more than the same period last year.

West Africa via the Atlantic – that is, from Morocco, Senegal and Western Sahara to the Canary Islands – the number of attempts to enter rose to 27,700, almost double the same period last year. According to Frontex, this is the highest amount since the start of statistical registration in 2009.

Based on this information, the highest number of attempts to enter (143,600) in this route through the Mediterranean central, i.e. from Libya and Tunisia via Sicily and Malta.

Decreased illegal entry attempts (97,300) on the route through the Western Balkans, which The number after the route through the Central Mediterranean Passage was shown second, and the decrease here was 22% compared to the same period last year. Frontex considers the reason for this to be the strict visa rules in the Balkan countries.

In this situation, the European Union has given the green light to Italy to conclude an anti-immigration agreement with Albania.

The Italian government wants to resettle thousands of migrants in Albania starting next year. From the point of view of the European Union, there is no legal objection in this case.

The European Union has announced that Italy’s plans to create reception centers for thousands of migrants in Albania, EU laws It does not violate Europe. “Our legal service’s initial assessment is that it does not violate EU law, but it falls outside of EU law,” said Ylva Johansson, the EU’s migration commissioner in Brussels. Johansson said: EU law cannot be applied outside the territory of the EU.

Albania is not a member of the EU, but it is a candidate for membership.

This Italian plan, which was announced last week, was criticized by human rights groups and compared to the British government’s controversial plan to send refugees to Rwanda.

The government of Albania announced that it has submitted a bill to the parliament to approve the agreement with Italy.

“Giorgia Meloni”, the Prime Minister of Italy, in On November 6, in a meeting with his Albanian counterpart, Edi Rama, he announced the opening of two camps in this neighboring country. The facility will be under Italian jurisdiction and will be staffed by Italian staff. In one of these camps, migrants must be checked upon arrival. They must live elsewhere while their asylum application is being processed. The government of Rome hopes to handle 3,000 cases a month in this way.

In this way, Italy recently, in continuation of its strict policies against immigrants, to speed up the process of deportations. has signed with Albania.

According to the agreement it has made with Albania, Italy wants to transfer the migrants who arrive in this country by boat to Albania.

Based on the decisions made, Italy wants to bring the boat migrants to a reception center in Albania in the future. People who have no prospect of asylum in the EU must be transferred from there to the deportation center.

Italy is responsible for building, operating and maintaining these centers in northern Albania. . Albania provides the land and, if necessary, real estate, and employs its own staff to provide security for the centers. Reception and deportation centers in northern Albania should be ready for operation next spring and accommodate up to 3,000 people.

The European Council recently approved the planned agreement Italy and Albania have been criticized from across the Mediterranean Sea for fighting what they say is illegal immigration. It said the deal raises several human rights concerns and contributes to a “disturbing European trend” in outsourcing asylum responsibilities.

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