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Details of the brutal siege of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza by the Zionist forces

The head of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza described the disastrous situation of this hospital and emphasized that the law of the jungle does not allow such crimes.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, Mohammad Abu Salmiya, the head of al-Shafa hospital in Gaza, described the situation of this hospital as catastrophic and said: “The people in the hospital are screaming from thirst.”

Abusalmiya, pointing out that the Zionist soldiers are still shooting at the hospital, emphasized: No one can go from one building to another. Our communication with our colleagues has been cut off.

He stated that Israeli drones are constantly flying over the hospital, and clarified that: Zionist soldiers are patrolling the wards and found several bodies. They took it with them. We have buried about 80 bodies in the hospital courtyard.

This Palestinian official pointed out: The oxygen in the hospital is completely exhausted. The Israeli stories about the arrival of weapons in the hospital are pure lies. Not a single bullet was fired at Israeli forces from inside the hospital. So where are the armed people [affiliated to the resistance]?

Abusalmiya also said: Even the law of the jungle does not allow a situation like Al-Shafa Hospital to occur. Israeli tanks are still surrounding the hospital. More than 650 patients and five thousand displaced people are located in the hospital. The hospital is completely surrounded and Israel has also destroyed the main water pipe line. They entered this medical complex illegally and suddenly. A few hours ago, the French news agency reported that the Israeli forces have left Al-Shifa hospital and are stationed in the vicinity of this medical complex. “The occupiers destroyed Al-Shifa medical complex and destroyed the equipment that was only in this complex.” Munir Albarsh added: “The forces of the occupying regime killed two engineers from the hospital staff. Al-Shifa has been arrested and a large number of Israeli tanks are currently stationed in front of the Al-Shifa Medical Complex.” Al-Barash emphasized in the end: “Israeli forces did not find any military equipment or weapons in the hospital. They didn’t and we basically don’t allow military equipment to be deployed in the hospital”.

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