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Monologue: Was the “Aqsa Storm” operation worth this amount of martyrdom?

In this analytical video, the question is answered whether the martyrdom of more than 11,000 innocent people and the wounding of nearly 30,000 Muslims in the Gaza war and Al-Aqsa storm operation is really worth continuing the war?

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According to the international group Tasnim News Agency, in this video monologue, expert “Bardia Attaran” The issues of West Asia answer the question of whether this amount of martyrs and wounded was worth the battle with the Zionist invaders and the design and implementation of the Al-Aqsa storm operation for the Palestinians or not? >.


Many of those watching this video may be confused by a mental comparison between the Al-Aqsa storm operation and the number of women and children martyred in Gaza. Paying attention to the amount of destruction left by the Zionist attacks on the Gaza Strip and the significant number of martyrs, the design and implementation of this operation has been beneficial.

It seems that for a better understanding and to answer the doubt, it would be useful to look at the functioning of the national and patriotic resistance in some other Islamic countries that have the experience of revolution and struggle against colonialism.

In the first example, we can refer to the experience of imposed war in our country. Iran’s eight-year holy defense against the military aggression of Saddam’s Baath regime in Iraq was accompanied by the martyrdom of at least 200 thousand martyrs; That means, on average, more than 25 thousand martyrs have been offered annually to expel the Iraqi Baath regime from the occupied areas of Iran.

Besides the war experience The imposition of Iran and Iraq is one of the most important contemporary revolutions, the Algerian Revolution. This country was colonized by the French for 132 years, that is, the people of this country continued their national and patriotic struggle for 132 years until they were finally able to achieve independence and expel the French invaders from their land. The final step of this revolution, which is known as the “one million martyrs” revolution, took place between 1954 and 1962, during which nearly 600,000 civilians and one million soldiers were martyred.

The other revolution was the revolution to liberate Libya from the Italian occupation led by Omar Mukhtar, the national hero of the Libyans. Omar Mukhtar fought for 20 years between 1911 and 1931 to free his country from the grip of Italian colonialism, so that finally the people of this country celebrated the independence of this country in 1947. These cases are only a small part of the struggle of nations to reclaim their identity and country from the colonialists.

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The incidents of the killing of the people of Gaza by the Zionist occupiers, it can be pointed out that the widespread presence of the media and the network Social problems have caused even the death of one person to put heavy pressure on the Zionists for the public opinion of the world and international pressure. Today, in the shadow of the expansion of the role of the mass media, wars cannot be followed by the brutal killing and massacre of children and women, and this strategic mistake of the Zionist regime has caused huge international waves of condemnation of this regime.

The other difference is that the Israeli regime has increased the pressure on the people of Gaza to such an extent that they are forced to choose between the gradual death by the policies of this regime and the struggle for recapture. They are forced to choose their identity. As a result, it can be said that the Palestinian people are bound to resist and fight for survival from birth.

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