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The United Nations requested access to Al-Shifa Hospital to investigate Israel’s claims

The UN human rights chief says Israel should give access to the organization’s team to investigate the regime’s claims about al-Shifa hospital.

According to the report of Fars News Agency International Group, the head of the United Nations Human Rights Organization asked Israel to give access to the organization’s team to investigate the regime’s claims about Al-Shifa Hospital.

“Volker Türk”, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, in an interview with CNN, in response to a question about the Israeli army’s accusations that Hamas has turned al-Shafa hospital into a command headquarters and a place to hide weapons, said: “We need Let’s take a look inside Al-Shifa Hospital. In this context, we cannot rely on the positions of one side of the war or the other side.

Turk stressed that such a situation requires an independent international review because we have a different narrative.

During the past days, Israel has been under international pressure to prove what it has stated about the use of hospitals as military facilities by Hamas.

The head of the United Nations Human Rights Organization says that hospitals are under special protection under international laws and laws in any situation.

The only alleged document What the Zionists have raised so far in support of their claim is a film that a regime soldier released yesterday and was ridiculed by many users in cyberspace. In that film, the Israeli soldier cites a laptop, several CDs, a military boot and several Kalashnikov weapons as evidence of the presence of Hamas in the hospital.

Many Western media and international institutions have done that the Israeli regime has not been able to prove its claim in this regard.

After the release of this video, Human Rights Watch stated in a statement that the images published by the Israelis are not enough to justify the attack on this hospital.

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