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Hundreds of thousands of Jordanians came to the streets with the slogan “America at the head of terrorism”.

Today, hundreds of thousands of Jordanians came to the streets in a demonstration entitled “America at the head of terrorism” and condemned this country’s participation in the crime of Gaza.

According to the report of the international group of Fars news agency, “Aman”, the capital of Jordan today (Friday, November 26) witnessed the unprecedented attendance of hundreds of thousands of people in condemnation of the crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza.

According to Al-Mayadin, a large-scale demonstration is being held in Amman under the title “America at the head of terrorism”; Some Arabic websites such as “Al-Haqiqah Al-Dawliyya” and “Roya Al-Akhbari” report about the “million march” in Jordan. “Islamic Movement” and “National Association for the Defense of Resistance” came to the streets after the Friday prayer and within the framework of the “Storm of Jordan” campaign and shouted with one voice that America is at the head of terrorism.



The demonstrators also chanted in defense of the Palestinian resistance and the need to help and support the resistance fighters, as well as regarding the forced migration of Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank.



Hundreds of Jordanians in Amman in front of the “Syida Ayesha” mosque last night. They started a sit-in near the American embassy and chanted the slogan “America Ras al-Arhab” (America is at the top of terrorism). clear: both; background: #e6e6e6; padding: 5px; text-align: center; margin: 0px auto; display: table; text-indent: 0″>

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