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A judicial scandal in Portugal that led to the collapse of the government

About a week after the resignation of the Prime Minister of Portugal following the accusation of a financial scandal, it has become clear that the investigators of the judicial system have made mistakes in this case, which led to the removal of the Prime Minister.

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According to the report of the international group Tasnim news agency, quoted by Germany’s “NTV”, a Judicial scandal has rocked Portugal. The country’s prosecutor’s office recently accused Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa of corruption and, among other things, searched his official residence. The veteran Portuguese politician later resigned, but a week later it emerged that investigators had made mistakes in the case. have given. Among other things, the Austrian newspaper Standard reported that investigators were forced to admit a serious mistake: the alleged evidence of the politician’s misconduct by the Socialist Party (PS) is said to be based on a false transcription of a telephone conversation.

Portuguese prosecutors have implicated Costa in corruption in the granting of permits for mines. Lithium and other large projects were accused. Investigators from several ministries searched 38 other properties during the case, as well as Costa’s government headquarters in Lisbon. Of course, the Prime Minister of Portugal denied any guilt and blame in this case and at the same time resigned on November 7 due to doubts about his “integrity”. Two days later, President Marcelo Rebelo d’Souza dissolved and suspended Portugal’s parliament.

Almost a week later, the prosecutor’s claims failed. Investigators admitted that when the phone conversations were transcribed, Economy Minister Costa Silva’s last name was not included in the transcript. We are witnessing a serious negative relationship between the judiciary and politics.”

All five arrested in this case, including Vitor Scaria, the head of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet, and Lacerda Machado, an entrepreneur and Costa’s friend, of course, Some conditions were released.

However, the Portuguese Prosecutors’ Association said the error had “no major connection” with further investigations. Accordingly, “the fact that there is a certain difference between a transcription and an audio recording is not a problem, because everyone involved in the case has access to it, and ultimately the recording is what is valid as evidence.

Chandi Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa has resigned following corruption allegations against several members of his government, Costa said in a televised speech that he had submitted his resignation to President Marcelo Rebelo do Souza because of doubts about his integrity. The president of his country suggested. He added that his conscience is clear.

This investigation, among other things, includes suspected corruption in the management of lithium and hydrogen projects. After these accusations were revealed, the opposition demanded Costa’s resignation.

Portuguese president dissolves parliament

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