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A new narrative of Yazidi women captured in ISIS prison from the time of captivity

Several of the Yazidi women who were captured by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi narrated their captivity and the terrorists' treatment of the captive women.

Adibah Murad, one of the Yazidi women who was the leader of the terrorist group in Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi prison, in response to the recent interview of this terrorist’s wife who claimed that she did not know about their torture, announced that she prepared Yazidi women for torture. .

Murad announced in an interview with al-Arabiya: ISIS members attacked our village, captured our houses, gathered us in the village school, stole our money and gold, and then took us captive. I was pregnant at the time and when my daughter was born, the organization also captured her.

Saad Hamid Kowalis, another rescued Yazidi woman, while expressing his anger towards the interview of Al-Baghdadi’s wife and daughter, said: “Al-Baghdadi’s first wife knew about the sale of captive women.”
Rosita Haji, another Yazidi survivor who was saved from the terrorists, said in an interview with Al-Arabiya: Selling women had become a hobby for ISIS members. They mistreated the women and threatened them with death and leaving them in rooms full of insects.

In this regard, Sarab Isa, another Yazidi woman revealed that the members of this organization used applications such as WhatsApp to trade captive women among themselves and had created something similar to electronic slavery.

The new interviews take place after the interviews that were conducted weeks ago by al-Arabiya and Hadath with al-Baghdadi’s wife and his daughter. ISIS terrorists were finally defeated in Iraq in 2017 after the victory of Iraqi forces accompanied by Iranian forces and the ISIS government was destroyed. Nevertheless, ISIS elements still pose dangers in some parts of Iraq and Syria.

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