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Hamas: The enemy has not given an answer on the basic issues

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) announced that the enemy has not given answers on the basic issues and is only looking for the release of prisoners.
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according to the report of the international group Tasnim News Agency According to the Palestinian Information Center, one of the leaders of Hamas said on Tuesday: The mediating parties have not presented new proposals yet, but we are in direct contact with them in Cairo and Doha.

Mahmoud Mardawi stated that if the new plans and proposals for a ceasefire include real answers If it does not create an opportunity to reach an agreement, it will be a waste of time. stop the war, withdraw from Gaza, provide relief and rebuild this barricade.

Request Hamas to investigate Israel’s crimes in the Shafa complex, he clarified that the Zionist enemy is still evading and has not submitted any plans or proposals regarding the basic issues and cases. has not given and is only looking for the release of its captives, but the resistance insists on the realization of all cases. On the return of the refugees to their homes in the north of the Gaza Strip and the provision of proper assistance to the Palestinians in this area, and to withdraw its forces from Gaza and stop the war, it will be possible to reach an agreement on the exchange of prisoners, and Hamas will also be flexible in this regard. and will show flexibility, otherwise no progress will be possible.

Mardavi emphasized that no agreement has been reached on any of the cases and the enemy is still creating obstacles, but In the end, he will sit back and be forced to surrender.

He stated that the general internal and external environment is one of the available pressure levers in favor of the resistance and to the detriment of the enemy. .
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