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The attack on the Iranian consulate is a tactic to escape in front of the Zionist regime

The spokesman of Al-Najba emphasized that the Zionist regime is trying to escape from the political and economic problems and military failures and failure in managing the war with the Palestinians by attacking the Iranian consulate building in Syria.

Mehr News Agency, International Group: On Monday the 13th of April 1403, the F-35 fighters belonging to the Israeli Air Force entered the sky of the occupied Golan with six missiles guided by the consulate building and They targeted the Iranian ambassador’s residence in Damascus.

This act of terrorism has been widely reflected in all international circles and media of the world and gross violation International regulations are considered, especially the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

“Hossein Ali Noor Al-Mousavi official spokesman of the Al-Nujba Iraq spoke go withYou can read the text of this interview below:

As you know, yesterday the Zionist regime attacked the consulate building and the residence of the Iranian ambassador in Damascus targeted, in your opinion, what is the most important goal of the Zionist regime from this terrorist act?

At first, I will use this opportunity and on behalf of the Nojaba Islamic resistance movement, the brutal aggression And I condemn the Zionist terrorist in targeting the Iranian consulate building in Damascus, the capital of Syria in the strongest terms, we consider this action to be a clear violation of international laws and standards. .

This terrorist act is in line with the series of crimes committed by the arrogant American Zionist forces by attacking the sovereignty of Syria and Iran, which aggravated Tension will be dangerous in the whole region.

In terms of international law approvals and decisions, it is clearly stated that every Actions or attacks on embassies and consulates between international another country are prohibited and criminalized.

The Zionist regime is looking to restore its lost reputation in the war with the Palestinians, in my opinion this action Criminal is undoubtedly to preserve the lost reputation of the Zionist terrorist regime, which so far has not been able to achieve any of its ambitious development goals, and actually It is a cover-up for his crimes against the Palestinian nation and the entire humanity.

Through this terrorist act, the Zionist regime is trying to escape from political and economic problems and military failures and failure to manage the war with the Palestinians. And the international community will be liberated.

In your opinion, to prevent such terrorist and criminal acts and If they do not repeat them, what measures should the Islamic Republic of Iran take in addition to legal and international follow-up?

There is no doubt that the Islamic Republic of Iran has the right to respond to this terrorist act at the appropriate time and place, and it is Iran’s absolute right to teach the Zionist regime a hard lesson and continue to support the Palestinian issue, which is the central issue of the Islamic Ummah.


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