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The savagery of the Zionist regime prevented the unloading of 240 tons of food from the ship

Cypriot officials say the killing of the aid workers stopped the process of unloading the cargo of the humanitarian ship to Gaza.

The inability of the US and its allies to convince Israel to reopen the land borders in order to send humanitarian aid to Gaza has caused them to send aid by sea to divert public opinion. However, the brutality of the Zionist regime is a big obstacle in realizing this.

According to Al Jazeera, Cyprus announced its inability to fully release sea aid to Gaza.

Accordingly, Theodoros Gotsis, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus, announced today (Tuesday) that the killing of 7 international aid workers by Israel stopped the unloading of the ship carrying food aid to Gaza.

He added: After Israel’s action, the non-governmental organization World Central Kitchen stopped the clearance of food from the ship. Unfortunately, only 100 tons of cargo was emptied and the ship had to return with 240 tons of cargo.

Cyprus Foreign Minister Constantinos Kambos says in this regard: The World Central Kitchen NGO had to stop the relief process in Gaza in order to respect the victim aid workers and to review the security protocols.

Cyprus plays a key role in sending naval aid to Gaza. As the closest EU member state to Gaza, this country has allowed aid ships to dock and load humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

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