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The Palestinian Mujahideen movement condemned the attack on the Iranian consulate

In a statement, the Palestinian Mujahideen strongly condemned the terrorist attack by the Zionist regime on the Iranian consulate and the martyrdom of a number of Iranian military commanders and diplomats in this attack.
– International News

according to the report of the international group Tasnim News Agency, citing the Palestine Information Center, in the statement of this group on Tuesday, it was said that The Zionist enemy is a threat to the entire Ummah and confronting it is necessary and important for the survival and unity of the Ummah. Targeting diplomatic centers and international and medical institutions is the result of America’s support and the helplessness of the international community against the terrorist crimes of this regime.

This movement stated that the response to This crime must be proportionate to the scale of the enemy’s crime on the part of all fronts, because the Zionist regime understands nothing but the language of force and destruction. It was intended to prevent the continuation of crimes in Gaza and the region. He expressed his condolences to his friends

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